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Story Design

I design compelling stories that make the unknown known, share values, and solve problems.


From world-class talks to unforgettable pitches, I weave strategy and story to keep your audience on the edge of their seat.


A good presentation is beautiful on every level. This requires attention to detail to both the visible and the invisible.


From English theory to Mathematics, I find unprecedented ways to use academic thought to solve business problems.

Latest Talk

A quick look at the mechanics and applications of story and the story framework for the Ivey Business School’s MBA class.

“Jeff's presentation was the best session of my MBA.”

“Jeff's talk changed the way I think about the future and my role in building it.”

Current Talks

My content cycles as my interests change. I’m always writing new talks as I refine my stories and the structures that connect them. Each new talk is my best one yet. Lately I’ve been thinking about:

What John Snow Knows

What do a British airplane, a teenage pregnancy, and a cholera outbreak have in common? Each one teaches us a striking lessons on how data science can change the world and everything in it.

20-45 min

The Danger of Dusty Ideas

Business is built on unspoken assumptions. But what happens when the world changes and those assumptions suddenly become untrue? It’s invisible, it’s dangerous, and it happens all the time.

20–90 min

Known & Unknown, Past & Future

Our ability to process information makes us human. But what happens when the rules that govern what information can do get rewritten? This talk goes back over 13 billion years to explain how the world is changing today.

20–90 min

What can Siri Learn from Don Draper?

It’s Pavlov’s world, we just live in it. The brain is an incredible system, but it evolved to where it is through pattern recognition. This fundamental fact needs to govern how we think about customer experience and strategy.

20–60 min

Have something else in mind?

From ancient Philosophy to cutting-edge futurism and everything in between, I can design a talk around any subject—for you to present, or to be delivered by me.

By starting with a fundamental structure that moves your audience, I create talks that connect, resonate, and inspire.

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Potential Talks, Articles, or Pitches

How to Write a Killer Talk

A good talk moves your audience. To do that, it needs a map for its story to follow. Writing a good story map isn’t hard, you just need to follow a few simple principles.

Ivan Pavlov, Don Draper, and Google Now

Pavlov’s bell has got nothing on text message notifications. We pretend it isn’t so, but our reality is shaped by brands, ads and apps through classical conditioning. It’s time for ground rules.

Building a Story Driven Website

Someone clicks a link and loads a page. Your page. What will happen next depends on who they are and what they see. Is this the end of a story, or the start of one?

Director of Story, T4G Limited

As T4G Limited’s first-ever Director of Story, I’m responsible for ensuring that all of T4G’s communications are story-driven and reflect the same core values. I design the presentations, the pitches, and the vision for the future. Learn more at

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