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A couple of years ago I picked up a Tassimo coffee machine. After a while I realized that it needed to be cleaned, and by then had of course lost the “specially designed” cleaning disc.

Because the disc is the last step in whatever the machine does, I reasoned that there couldn’t be anything in the disc that does any cleaning. Instead, because each disc has a barcode on it, the barcode on the disc must put the machine into self-cleaning mode.

So I tracked down a photo of the barcode from people selling replacement discs on eBay and recreated the barcode. You can download it here (or the png if you prefer). Print it, cut it out, and stick it on your barcode reader or tape it to an old coffee disc. This will kick the unit into self-cleaning mode and save you from tracking down a replacement cleaning disc.

So long, #firstworldproblem.

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